Miss Florida ANTSO at TH Photography


The studio was recently abuzz with our very own beauty queen “in the house.” We had a very enjoyable photography session with Nicole Allen, Florida ANTSO National Miss.


Nicole, 21, has participated in pageants across the country since she was 12 years old. She will close out her competitive pageant career in Philadelphia at the end of July 2010. According to Nicole, it has been a very rewarding experience to compete and gain self-confidence through participating in pageants.

Her mom, Michelle, is an avid golfer and explained Nicole’s pageant participation as a phenomenon the youngster developed on her own.

“It was nothing we ever pushed her into,” said Michelle recalling the early years of her daughter’s career. The whole family will be in Philadelphia to support Nicole as she takes her final walk before the judges.

Thanks for allowing Trajan Halley Photography to play a small role in preparing you for this special pageant appearance. We would like to wish Nicole, a recent Florida State University graduate, the very best in her final competition and in life!


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