Working with a newborn always has its challenges and this photo session stayed true to form. The family, one of the many Navy families that make this area home as part of the Jacksonville Naval Air Station, was brand new to Fleming Island and were still unpacking after their move from Virginia. The baby was turning one month old, so everyone agreed to get her into the studio as soon as they arrived in town.

It is critical to do as much advance planning as possible prior to a newborn session because there is a great deal of uncertainty. Patience is always the key for a photographer in this setting to ensure you’re able to capture stunning images of the newborn in the short time you have with them. A newborn changes with each passing day, so you know these photographs capture this one particular fleeting moment in such a pure way that the parents and family will treasure forever.

The parents had some definite ideas that they shared in regards to the type of shots they were hoping for. They liked the work of world renowned children’s photographer Anne Geddes. Knowing that Trajan excels in the studio and in particular working to capture the subtle details of his subject’s emotions, in this case the love shared between a newborn and her parents, everyone knew this would be a fun session!

The plan was for mom to feed this beautiful little girl upon arriving at the studio. As Trajan set the lights, adjusted the temperature to ensure the baby would be comfortable and got everything ready to go, mom did as planned. We had decided to start with dad and his darling bundle of hopefully sleeping joy. As the baby lay in dad’s arms half-dozing peacefully, Trajan took the first shot. Both her eyes bolted open… she was fascinated with the lights! The detailed pre-plans of shooting the little angel sleeping were foiled.

Several attempts to feed the baby and have her fall back asleep were attempted, but as soon as the lights popped and the camera shutter opened, this little one was all about what was going on in the world around her! So, we went with what she gave us and she certainly didn’t disappoint!

We can’t wait to see what mom and dad think about the images captured. They come in to view them next week so we’ll update the post to let you know!

2 Responses to “Newborn”

  1. Lara Simpkins says:

    We are thoroughly pleased with ALL of the portraits. They left us speechless. Thank you so much for making us feel so comfortable and helping us capture the “newborn” Emma Kate we will be able to keep for a lifetime. We look forward to choosing many of them to display in our home. Thank you, again!

  2. terry says:

    Your response to each image was priceless and we are so glad to have surpassed your expectations!

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